Sunday, March 27, 2016

Oui oui oui, un sim pour mon iPhone.

Imperia Once More.

Hmm, that makes 6 times.

Travel fast.
(pfff, from door to door it was a 28 hour trip, grggr).
Oh-No, Mr Mitsuda's suitcase had overweight..
so some of his stuff got dumped into mine..
making it 2x 24KG.
All for me to be carried up and down the stairs.
 remember i'm on the job

Because Yes & Ouch, 
most if not all of the train stations in 
Fancy France and Hip Hop Italia are 
NOT AT ALL fitted out with elevators or escalators.
Wonder how wheelchair and kids-prams handle these modern means of transportations.

After arriving on board, 
we had ample time to get SHOGUN ready for the haul-out.
But we did it and all went well.
The job should be done in 1 week...
oops forgot the piano-piano style of the yard.

Lucky us, the weather is good.
Mind you, still not warm!

See that white fluffy stuff on the hills in the distance?
When the wind comes from that direction...brbrbrr.

But once we turn ourselves around we are reminded that we are indeed in semi tropical Italy.

And the sunrise is as spectacular as ever.

Busy times for Him on the Rooftop.

One day, i took the train to La Douce France 
to pick-up a local internet sim.
Oui oui oui, un sim pour mon iPhone.

The Steps to the Church are Tough 
and in need of some paint.

Sweet sweet Menton Train Station...
waiting for...

a Holy Shitty Train !
Truly disgusting to see these trains.
Inside and Outside.
(hmmm......probably I've been too long in japan.....)
But, i have to admit, it arrived almost on time and the staff is most friendly.

With SHOGUN on the hard, 
we checked into a local hotel.
It's still off-season, so rooms enough.
If you know where to look, you can see the mast of SHOGUN.
A few more days of work and she should be back into the water.

Ready for the TRIP.

Ciao for Now.