Sunday, March 13, 2016

On the Road Again: Western Honshu.

This time,
 Esther took us for a spin North.
 To be precisely, to the western part of Honshu.

We left Alishan at 4 AM, to beat the Traffic.
Only a few hours later we were cruising 
the Highways near Hiroshima and...
See the crowd?

Hmm, White Fluffy Stuff ...
..that was maybe the reason why the traffic was far and few.
Lucky for us, the roads were snow-free: 
Esther doesn't have any snow-shoes...

First thing on the list-to-explore...
See that railway bridge?

These duckies gather there.
The local birding group made a nice hidy-ho to observe the
Oshidori. A few wonderful photography hours were had.

BUT...we had to come back the next morning at 7AM
So we did and so did other birders.
 (inside the hide-out under the railway bridge).

Click Click Click
Kwek Kwek Kwek

For more detailed pictures, 
of course you'll have to zoeff to Marijke's

But there was more to see in this part of Honshu.

 Matsue Castle.

And The Spoon at Izumo Temple.

Don't ask me the details, but at most temples in Japan, 
you'll find  a Cow.
A Cow made of bronze.
And with turns dull and green due to O2 and water.
But always, parts of these cows are shining.
Because rubbing these body-parts...will bring good health to yourself!!
So rub the cow and wash your hands.

BTW, Izumo is the Temple of All the Gods, 
and it has to do with Towing the Land.

Some more sightseeing in the neighbourhood.

After a night with +++ rain, an early morning visit 
to the Izumo temples made great photo shooting.

As usual, we cramp inside Esther 
(and sleep the Best of Sleeps).
One night thou, we opted to stay in a traditional ryokan.
Resulting in this Power Breakfast.

Oops, one more.
The famous temple at Tsuwano.
First time we visited this place was 25 years ago....
so we were due. 

Driving south again during a rainy day we explored this awesome gorge. Definite a return-item on the list.
Marijke all excited, as even here some oshidori ducks were spotted.

Last stop was at Tsunoshima's Lighthouse.
Yes, we like mountains, temples, forests, rivers...
but somehow we always have to come back to sea-level.
That was a nice drive.
 (added 1200 K to the clock).

Read More. about Izumo.



  1. Down memory lane. Thanks for the posts. Always enjoy. From down here in South Africa all the best for exploring.

  2. Ahoy Tony, good to read you. Thanx for the comment. What's your plan for your next trip?