Thursday, May 21, 2015

Moments in May 2015

Moments in May

Mamarin truns 81.
This year it's 26 years ago we first arrived here in Meinohama, Fukuoka. So yes, we have been family members to Paparin and Mamarin for over a quarter century.

Nippon Maru came to Town.

Oh other Friday fridge full of fresh fish, 
so it's sashimi time!

Some TV screen shots of the program NANSHOUTO? 
by Hakata Hanamaru,
featuring the floats Alishan & Fu Kyo and yours.

We watched the TV program at Shigeko's house.

And then, a few days later....

Nephew Tommy the Sailor and gf Serena payed us a visit.
First thing we did?
Have a small sushi lunch of course....

Playing the tourist guides at temples and up mountains.

With Miyoko on the sofa @ Alishan.

  Thanks for visiting us Serena and Tom.
We had a good time with you and it was a pleasure to get to know you (again).

New House Old Traditions.

Lunch time break during the building of Ryohei's house 
(son of Miyoko and Kunitoshi of Sumie Maru)

Fight On
as they say it here in Japan.
When stuck between concrete and tar-seal: Just Bloom...

Somehow...this dutch newspaper landed on the for-deck of Alishan.
Reading it we remembered it was and still is our least favorite piece of print....
and we realize again why we don't want to go back to live in Holland.

Atagohama scenes at yet an other a sunset.
Happy to live in Fukuoka!

OUR beach at a 2 minute walk.


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