Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Hiking Kurodake in Kuju Land

One late Monday night in April saw us 
on board of Esther the Car zooefing towards Kuju Land. 
Just before midnight we arrived at the car park near Mt Kuro 
where we slept a good sleep till 6 AM.

While Marijke stayed "down stairs" to look for birds...
i went up the mountain.
It's a reasonable loop trail, a bit tough 
mostly due to the sharp edged stones.
(on  return to Esther the Car..i discovered my hardly used trail shoes were almost ruined).

Mt Taisen on the other side.

It's a pretty place to visit in Spring.

This cave is keeping All Year Around Snow and Ice.

Near the base of Mt Kuro, 
there is a water point with real sparkling H2O.
After a 6+ hour trail, that water taste so bubbly!


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