Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The WHY to Hawaii: Hilo Marathon 2015.

The Why! Hawaii...
 Loads of Aloha Fun to Run.

Hilo Marathon is known for:
Amazing scenic sights,
few runners (about 250 running the full marathon),
early morning start (just before sunrise),
cheerful aid-stations' staff and other volunteers,
pleasant tropical temperature,
 happy memories.

First part of the run was along the coast through more or less "rain forest".

Wow, if these guys don't make you happy at 15K point....?
btw....see the life jacket?

Here below some scenic shots.

....look Noriko...surfers out there!

What a magic place to run.

Funny faces keep on cheering us.
Even after 4 hours "on the water-job".

...a few more meters....
ehh, yards as they say in the US of A.

Not a record time, but a very very enjoyable marathon.
And the crowd (?) is still cheering.
Thank You!! does that beer taste Noriko san?

Definite a Marathon Remember.
And if time and $$ (airfare) allows Repeat.


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