Saturday, April 18, 2015

Alishan & Fu Kyo ON AIR: Tuesday 21 April 2015, BS ASAHI.

On Tuesday 21 April, 2015
Between 19:00-21:00
Alishan, Fu Kyo and crew will be On Air.

Channel: BS ASAHI
(All Japan).

With 2 cameras pointing at us, no way we could escape.

All in all it was good fun doing the recording.
One of the days we went to Nokonoshima for a stroll 
and of course Marijke met up with friends..
and flowers.

But Fu Kyo is also in the story.
 She took us for a spin around Hakata Bay and made a short d-tour into Nakahama Minato.

An other day was a field trip...ehh ..sea trip 
to Eboshi Jima to do some serious bird-watching.
(see previous posting and Marijke's blog).

And of course, there was recording at our 
Meinohama Sunday Morning  Fishmarket.

Hopefully, you have a chance to see the program. 


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