Tuesday, March 24, 2015

From Karatsu to Sasebo on the Run: 65K

We did it Again.
Did What?

A midnight + morning run just to get some decent food.

Yes amazing yummy Sasebo Oysters.

The run started just before midnight 
at Karatsu JR station.
Our goal: Tawaragaura Bay, just outside Sasebo City.
This was the second year to do this run,
and yes it's Good Fun.

Pictures tell the story.
What's not shown is the OF COURSE 
soak in the hot-spring at the end of the day.

  Our Team.

Early morning saw minus 5C...resulting in white fields ....brrr..keep on moving was the rule.

...back in the city after a night run @ the whop-whops....

....sort of hungry after the first 7 hours...

Breakfast at one of the Oh-so-Benry Family Restaurants

Some of our smarter running friends had come by bus to Sasebo and joined us for a welcome run.

...Thanx for the Fun...
Run you next year!


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