Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Eboshi Jima, bird-watching trips with Fu Kyo

The day started pretty well with this sunrise over Hakata Bay.

Marijke and her bird-watching friends chartered Fu Kyo 
to go check out Eboshi Jima.
An island half way Hakata Bay and Iki Shime.
Known for nesting place for some very small cute sea birds.
For details, please take a look at Marijke's blog:

Also on board was the TV camera man for BS Asahi.
Yes we will be (again) on AIR.
21 April 2015 BS Asahi, 19:00--21:00, All Japan.
The program, a documentary,  is about:
 Alishan, Fu Kyo, Meinohama, the fishmarket etc, 
Nori and Wakame and maybe us.

Eboshi Jima in the Sun.
An amazing shaped island: just wondering how it was "born".

A few days later, a second group of keen birders enjoyed a comforatble cruise to Eboshi Jima.
And all and every body was so pleased 
as we spotted many many birds...
One of them came even very close..

How close?

How about?

 A hitch hiking night heron.



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