Friday, April 19, 2013

Fu Kyo the Cat got Splashed

After months of planning, dreaming and more planning,
Fu Kyo finally got all the papers ready to go
Fukuoka Sunset Sailing.
The only thing that still needed to be done:

Mitsuko san agrees: Fu Kyo is ready to go.

And here we go.
Takeshi is maneuvering the 15+ ton, 24 wheel trailer with great care.

...a few more meters to go...
(i don't like this at all).

.....and.....we are floating.
Kuroki san is full smiles as finally 
Fukuoka Sunset Sailing
is On the Move.

And more happy faces as we are moving away from Uminonakamichi, across Hakata Bay, 

Fu Kyo's possy in the Meinohama Fishing Port.

Of course you can follow Fu Kyo's adventure at 

....we hope to see you on board one day!


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