Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Alishan in April part Bd

Like 2 years ago, we were invited to join a 
60th BirthDay Outing.
(60 is an important number in Japan)
This time it was Tominaga san's BD.
He is the "in-house" carpenter for all the Nogami fishermen,
our family here in Meinohama.
Like the previous trip we went to a hot spring ryokan in Kumamoto.
On the way, we stopped here and there for...you know:
Omiyagi, food, toilet and of course temples.

Ahhh, the Lady with the Nikon is on the look-out for 
Wings nd Things.

Shigeko san is happy with a cuppa tea and a bench to sit on.
Life of a fisherman's wife is not easy, it involves a lot of physical effort. 
Tuff on bones and muscles.

The Birthday Boy. 
Tradition wise he has to sit on a red pillow and later, after the first speech, he has to wear a red jacket and hat.
As always, meals at these sort of events are a major effort..So much.
Not to mention the amount of beer and sakeh ;-)

From L to R: Kunitoshi san, Tominaga san and Miyoko san.
Ha, today they won't phone me to help with Konoshiro.

Katsuyoshi san and Chitose san.
Together good for 160 years, usually out fishing together but today it's 
Swing Sing Along time.

Too bad, the next day was a wet one, but we enjoyed some nice stops along the road...for some more and always needed omiyagi = souvenirs.
The rain showed us something we seldom see in Japan.
Couples sharing an umbrella like this way.
Yep, it's Nogami san ( the Chair of our harbor) and his wife.

It was a wonderful trip, only 1 night, but it felt much longer.
And our Hakata Ban/ Fishermen Ban (slang) made a big improvement.

Plans are already made for the next 60th BD boy in the group: 
yes that's me...in 3 years time;-)


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