Tuesday, March 19, 2013

From Sy Alishan to Mt Imori (and back)

It's Sunday Morning.
Today it looks like a dull, grey day.

What to do?
Well of course, first help out at the fish-market. 
Always fun and exciting, thou in winter the fish variety is small:
long-legged octopus, small crab, some eel, a few shakko and of course plenty of
After the market, back on board, have coffee & breakky and quickly get changed into running gear.

From the cockpit of Alishan we can see some mountains in the distance...
(yes it's a great place!)
One of the peaks is Mt Imori....
Let's goal-it.

As you can see, it's grey outside.
 Mt Imori should be there in the distance......

Anyway, here we go. 
Next picture stop is on the bridge close to Meinohama Harbor.
Alishan in on the other side of the pond....

...a 180 turn-around, Mt Imori should show-up...
Not today.

By times in life, one has to cross some lines....
We don't see them anymore, but when we get overseas visitors, they are always amazed why ...and so many overhead power lines etc.
This picture is the railwayline near Imajuku.
BTW,  Mt Imori should be there: dead right center.

FM ( we have CSs, so handy, on almost every corner...in the city), 
a last stop before going into the Jungle. 
Also from here, we should see Mt Imori.

Hehe, finally some Color to the Day.

Yep, on the right track to Imori Yama.

And there She is.

 The path is easy and well marked. 

But this map is a puzzle...

At the Top... it's only 382 M
(still a mountain if you grew-up in Holland).

 View from the Top: Indeed, what a Grey Day.

The All Aluminium Tori and the map of Mt Imori.

The Course.
According to GE it was a 20+ K run. 
With some nice Ups and Downs.
At the start it was 20 degree C, by the time i got back to Alishan it was raining, howling from the NW and only 10 degree C.

So.....what do you think.....i did at the 
Fuku-no-yu in Kotabe?


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