Tuesday, March 26, 2013

aRound on Mt Raizan & Mt Ihara

After last grey & dull run to Mt Imori, 
i had promised my shoes a sunnier one.
The 5:30 AM fish-market was done and half an hour later i was on my way.

And see, indeed the sun is making early risers Happy People...
This small village is at the base of the mountain range 
(with Mt Ihara and Mt Raizan) just to the south-west of Fukuoka.
I parked the car around the corner and i was all ready to go!

Ain't it spring?

This area is a main source for Fukuoka's drinking-water.
All the green is...soo freshly green and the water looks so drinkable indeed.

I had done this trail-run twice before.
Once with somebody else who knew the way..
....once by myself....and so i got lost.
(of course that 2nd time i hadn't seen this little stony temple, half way to the top of Mt Raizan)

As long as you find the right trail and stay on it...
there are plenty of markers.

At the top of Mt Raizan...
somewhere in the distance is Mt Ihara.
See also the GE map (below), 
there is the big difference between the N side and S side of the range:
Brown and Green.
Cold dry N wind and warm wet S wind.

Parts of the ridge-trail is like this. 
Early spring it's fun, easy and good going.
In summer, the leaves are crossing the path....
and hiding the pot-holes & the odd snake.

Close to Mt Ihara's top.
Too bad the sun was disappearing and the wind became chilly.

Down the hill, a happy reminder we are in Spring.

 The trail, R = Mt Raizan, I=Mt Ihara.
This loop was done in 3 and half hours.
And it was Magic!
By the time i arrived at the Fukuno-Yu...(hot spring)
it was......raining.
Perfect timing.


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