Thursday, January 17, 2013

Waking up to a White World

Today we woke up with a white hat...

See Wakame?
Not sure if she likes this cold stuff.

 Esther in Winter Mode.

Noko Noshima, the island in the bay, with a White Toppie.

Fu Kyo, on the other side of the river, got a shock: First time to have its deck loaded with that white stuff.

This is our neighbor-boat.
.....thinking it is HOT,'s Not.....

Fukuoka is nice. Once/twice a year we have a white world.
The mountains we can see from our location will be covered under snow for a few more days.
But here, as we live so close to the sea, it won't last.

Still: stay warm,

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  1. Jaap,

    Kun je jullie mailadres doorgeven; ben het kwijt omdat ze mijn computer 'geleend' hebben.
    Groeten, Ino