Tuesday, January 8, 2013

First Fun in the New Year

Happy New Year to you All.
i think that's also written @  this decoration.

A New Year and new toys.
 Wakame is enjoying her new house. 

But as you can see....
Nori also wants a roof over his head.
Now we have 2 of these units @ Alishan and N&W are truly living a LAT.

New Year's Day!
In the morning it was still Sunny, i even went for a run to the 3 temples.
(Odo, Meinohama Sumiyoshi and Atago).
But in the afternoon.......the odd snow fluffies.
BTW, in the middle of this pix, you can just see the mast of Alishan.
This shot was taken from the aft deck of Fu Kyo, parked @ Marinoa Marina.
Oh yes, she is back in the water and the Onan is running Smoothly.

Now, why is Fu Kyo back in the water?

Party Time!!

Well, remember Fu Kyo sailed down to Okinawa last year?
And that we had stopped at Amami Ohshima?

Anyway, 1 night Mr Mitsuda and i went out for dinner in Naze, and at that restaurant i had asked a question regarding a Scroll on the Wall. 
Turns out the daughter of the owners had made the scroll. 
Now fast forward, due to Mr Mitsuda's company, he suggested that the daughter (Miyuki chan) should contact his eldest son. 
Kazuya is living and working in Tokyo and is involved with promoting artists.
So, Son and Daughter meet in Tokyo....
They are gonna get married!

So this New Year Party is the first time all the(2) family members(12) are together.
Including Marijke and Jaap (because i asked that question!!).

 Pa Amami Ohshima runs a meat restaurant, so he looked after the main dish for the night.
And what-a-meat!
Now you know us: we are no-meat-luffers.
But tell you: this was good. 

Pa and Pa were in charge and they made sure the steak was cooked perfectly.
Of course it couldn't be done with-out a good glass of wine.
(or 2).
Fu Kyo has a great cockpit area and with the All Around Tent it was nice and comfy...
But a bit smokey as you can see (smell??)

At one stage we all took turns with a speech for this 
Special Happy New Year Party.

In fact the New Year is the only time Mum doesn't have to run around in the kitchen making food for hubby and kids.
So see here (part) of the New Year Food Box....
it is made in the Old Year and all items are cooked and prepped so they are 
Pleasing for the Eye and Last for a Few Days. 
Don't eat, just look;-)

The next day it was photo-session for the 2 families in 
Fancy Outfit.
Of course,again, it couldn't be done with out some serious food, afterwards...
This time at a tempura restaurant (see New Year's display), 
Marijke shows she's enjoying the delicious deep-fry.

 Kazuya and Miyuki.

Like other years, Jan 3rd was Tamaseseri.
About the 14th time i took part in it, and it was indeed the coldest! 
Once in the "fight" it's okay, no sence of being cold.
But when it was over....didn't have any contact with my feet anymore...
 it was scarry walking back to base.
And base was as usual the Bath at Miyoko's house where i soaked for 45 minutes.
For more pix of this year's Tamaseseri see also 

A Thing to do in Japan is to see and watch 
the First Sunrise of the Year.
Due to our busy, ahum, schedule, 
that F.S. had to wait till Jan. 4th.
And What a Beauty it was.
This location is a small lake, more or less down-town in Kumamoto city.
It's freezing about 5 degrees and/but...the lake is steaming!
Perfect conditions for a F.S.

Told you!


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