Friday, March 23, 2012

Watch out for Cyber Criminals

Yep, that's what the email said.

It was a reminder from our "Acme" PC protection program that our 1 year subscription was ending soon and that "Acme" would charge my credit card for $70.
(that's okay, after all it does a good job for our 3 computers:
1 @ Alishan, 1 for Crew on the Move and 1 @ Fu Kyo the Cat).
There was a small hick-up. The CC was expired.
Well, no problem, i just had gotten a fresh one, so i checked-in at My Account at "Acme" for updating the CC data. Then i found out  the Billing address was in the Netherlands Antilles, no idea how this had happened. ( it's been so since 2007!).
 Thus i corrected the address to plain the Netherlands.

Next i get an email from 'Acme": Thanks for the updated data...we will charge your CC for EU 75!
Oops, that makes $100....what a whopping price increase!

So this cyber criminal goes back to My Account and resets the Billing address to the Netherlands Antilles...and gets a fresh new email stating the charge will be $70.

And salute.

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