Friday, March 30, 2012

Haru Ichi Ban

Or in English: The First (= strong) Spring Gale.
And indeed it is blowing.
Well, not that much. By times maybe 25 to 30 knots. But it is coming from the South, yep it's a warm wind: Today we had 22 C. No complains!
But it's also the only wind direction Alishan is relying 100% on her stern anchors. No problem here, there are 2 big solid concrete block down, but we do get some wind fetch and have some wave-chops at our stern. It all makes it noisy!
See here the weather chart:
2 High pressure systems with a low and a front in between..
Right on top of us.
In a few hours time rain will hit us..., the wind will switch to the North..and it will become cooler again.

It's almost cherry blossom time.. Due to the long cold weather we had this winter, nature is late, so fortunately this wind is too early and will not strip the flowers from the trees.

BTW, this Sunday we'll have the Sakura Saga Half Marathon.
Are we ready for it? Tell you later.


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