Monday, December 5, 2011

Inland Sea

Mid October saw Fu Kyo the Cat go for a Spin Into the Inland Sea.
Last weekend we returned to Fukuoka, having logged about 650 miles.
As you might know, the Inland Sea is 
famous for Little Wind and for No Waves.

We had of course days with no wind and waves.
But we also clocked 35 knot winds (head- and downwind) and some 2~2.5 meter seas!

Overall, the scenery is amazing, even with all the shipbuilding and heavy industry sites.
See here some shots. These and some more are at Fu Kyo the Cat 

This is Kobe's Sky line. Our most eastern point in the trip.

The South Coast of Awaji Shima.

The Inland Sea is also known for it's serious currents.
Here we are "flying" under this bridge, doing 17+ knots
(of which 7 are produced by the twin engines).

Well, see here a typical Inland Sea shot: No wind, no waves and  one of the zillion fishing boats.

That's good! This, ahum, Research Vessel aint out there catching whales!

Time of the year, pretty neh.

Here it's down wind (25+) stuff.
With a solid 2 knot current on the nose. That was exciting for a few hours due to "funny " seas.

The bridge connection between Honshu and Kyushu. Somehow we timed it correct with a full current from behind.

Kitakyushu, Kyushu's most northern city....
ah...the name already said it!

Always wondered where those clouds are being made?

From this point on, it was an other 45 miles more to Fukuoka. 
We were in a hurry...and correct as the next day it was blowing foul from the SW, the direction of the last leg.

Yesterday we pulled Fu Kyo the Cat on the hard...
until spring next year.
We then hope to travel down South.


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