Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Along the Coast

This is the neighbourhood of Marleen and Loek. Their amazing nice house is not visible on this picture as it is hidden by trees. As you have seen on previous pictures, from their location we have stunning ocean views.
The islands in the top right corner are the Poor Knights Islands, one of NZ top marine reserves.

An other NZ trade mark....

This year it is a top year for the pohutukawa.
We can't stop taking pictures...

Hmm, not always sunshine, but a great day for a hike in the MIMIWHANGATA  area.

It has special memories for us as 25 years ago we stayed in this nature reserve for a week.

Plenty of beaches.

"Of course" for our youngsters Tom and Maxime it was a first.

Green, hilly and great views.

Again pohutakawa, with way down below some land-dolphins....

The cottage we had stayed in, still the same.

Hmmm, wonder what these are??


  1. NORI&WAKAME ,are fine!
    WAKAME get off her steches yesterday.

  2. Hello,
    ik kreeg jullie webside van Lynn en Rex, een Nieuw-Zeeland koppel dat hun boot verkocht heeft 1 of 2 jaar geleden.
    Ik schrijf jullie omdat ik graag informatie gehad had om de oerang outang te gaan bezoeken in Borneo.
    Ik wil- met mijn zoon- zeilen van Singapore naar Borneo, hij komt voor 4 weken en volgens Lynn is dat te weinig, 5 zou beter zijn.
    Hebben jullie goede voorstellen of informatie aub.Groeten. Willy