Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring Gales & Tales

It's coming and going with Lows and Highs these days.
One day we walk around with a coat and the next day it's t-shirt stuff.
And all come and go with plenty of wind & the odd rain shower....ah well, as long as it doesn't snow....
Last weekend was "bus-hike" weekend for the Nogami's, our fishermen family we are very close with.

The youngest brother turned 60, so a good excuse for an all-in-the-family outing. And they took us along..Nice neh.

Of course the bus made stops at several temples, souvenir shops and even a beer factory.

At the Suntory Beer Factory...where taking pictures is f*******

The Ladies in Sundays Best.

At night a super meal with the ever and always karaoke and Japanese dance. And what a great time we had:Our bellies were hurting due to laughter.

The Birthday Boy Tamotsu.

We stayed in a ryokan=japanese inn with an indoor ONSEN (yes, with twice a day soaking) at Kikuchi Town in Kumamoto Pref.
Indeed this is thermal-land as at 2:47 AM the whole place rattled and shook us awake because of a serious earthquake. No damage, but a good reminder where we live! (and what happened a few weeks ago..)

Next week it is Golden Week. At lot of national holidays...Good time to either stay at home as the roads are loaded OR head for the sea.

What we will do? Will let you know.

BTW, it is now 8 years since we moved on board of Alishan and sailed her from Tokyo to Fukuoka.
BTW2, this week jaap did get his Japanese Boat License. ( what he should have had on that trip 8 years ago as Alishan was under Japanese flag. Now Alishan is dutch flagged and ...funny, in Japan foreign vessel don't need a Japanese licensed captain...Figure that one out).


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