Sunday, April 10, 2011

It's April already!

Time flies, even when we are not moving Alishan.
Marijke came back home and she too had a good time in Holland.
Of course she was way too busy with seeing all and everybody in the family and eating all her favorite dutch food....
Thank you for looking after us!
We are happy to have made the trip to see Mom and to be with you.  Too bad our stays were so short.  Mind you, one way we will remember our trip as we both gained a few kilo's in just those short periods. We blame the good bread and mountains of cheese! And the odd, ahum, " Tom Poes" pastry.
In the mean time, here in Fukuoka, the cherry blossoms have popped out by the zillions.
Such a pretty way to celebrate the end of the Cold Weather.
It was good fun to meet Vicky (sy Sunstone) "On the Run".
I had " challenged " her to join us for the Sakura Half Marathon and yes, she joined me and the group for thos 21 K last week Sunday. Most of the way we ran together, beating me in the final 2 Ks. Well done. The weather was perfect and so was the scenery.  Sunstone was still in the Inland Sea, so Vicky had taken the Highway Bus to travel to Fukuoka and back.
Then a few days latter it was Rush Hour for us at Odo Yachtharbor as beside sy Tweed, sy Sunstone and sy Bannister arrived.
Of course we had to take that opportunity to share a meal with all these overseas yachties...
No no. No sashimi or sushi this time, but yummy Taiwanese Food.  And it was good fun. 
This week all 3 will Move On. Tweed is going south (Okinawa and Taiwan), Sunstone and Bannister are going north ( Hokkaido and Alaska).
THE major reason these 3 yachts came (back) to Fukuoka was of course they trouble over there on the East Coast.
When will it be again to meet overseas yachts here in Fukuoka? Due to all the sad things, many of the planned trips to Japan this year, have been cancelled.   Understandable.
Well, we'll stay. This is home. But we will be making Moves.
Tell you more later.

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