Monday, August 2, 2010

Back to Cruising

Alishan made a Move.
We are now at NAKADA KO on Izena Shima;
26 degree 55.6N
127 degree 67.0E
And of course, after weeks of SW winds, the wind is now N. So we have to sit-it-out here until later in the week when the SW will come back ( so the weather maps tell us). Not a bad place, friendly people, slowww traffic and just big/small enough for running and cycling.
And Nori and Wakame Luff it here. Green grass on the shore to play hide-and-seek and jumping fish (onto the deck) for breakfast.

We (almost) did (all) the things we wanted to do in Okinawa.
Thanx John and Naomi of sy HORIZON for the lend-a-car, your company and help.
Ginowan Marina was indeed a good and safe stop. Great place to meet other cruisers, locals and overseas. AND of course we did like That Yellow Cord... with plenty of 100Volts streaming towards the Aircon and other electronica....(remember, Alishan is setup for 100 volt, a problem where 220 V rules the marina)
Departure day was delayed by 1 extra day: we wanted to see Naha's Eisa Festival. We watched hundreds and hundreds of dancers and drummers doing the Eisa dances in Naha's main shopping street. Don't know why they do this festival at that time of the day; Start is 1400, temp is 34 degree C. But for us watching it from a possy in the shade it was a great experience.
Thank you all!
(pictures will follow).


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