Saturday, August 7, 2010

Amami Oshima

We left Izena with a wind/weather/sea forecast that promised to be good.

As we moved away from a lee-shore concrete wall, there was little wind. Out at sea, as soon as the sails were up...the bumping and jumping started. First due to a fat squall with some lightning and plenty of rain and then plenty of wind. Just on the beam, that was good enough so we could lay our course for Amami.

BUT did the seas built up. Nasty 3~4 meter waves.

With the cockpit curtains down we were mostly comfy, but the going became rough. Lots and lots a waves jumping on deck etc.

Turned out that JMA issued a "high waves and thunder storms" warning for our area...

And ...That weather system did develop into a TD ( early stage of a typhoon)..moving SW (away from us) and later in the's coming back to us!

Anyway, after 14 hours Alishan found shelter in the lee of Amami and we decided not to move further on..just let Alishan drift for the remaining nite-hours. Next morning with first daylight we moved on to Koniya. Where we first anchored for some R & R. Later in the afternoon we moved to:

28° 08' 720 N
129° 18' 600 N

red circle is Koniya.

Alishan found a possy for a night. Or two. Or three.

Nice spot, next to a small park. Right downtown. Water for Alishan and us and trees and grass for Nori and Wakame.

And what a timing, this weekend it is Summer Festival. And yes in the park is the stage for karaoke..... Oh No.
Will let you know if and how we survived.

There is also an hour fireworks display on the schedule...let's hope the weather will be fine.

As said, it looks more like fat autumn weather, low fast flying clouds and by time nasty wind bullets...and rain. brrr


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  1. Nou het zit jullie echt mee op de weg naar huis! Gelukkig nog geen brokken met de Alishan zo te lezen! Wij zijn net in Sukau gearriveerd en hebben jullie blog van de Kinabatangan nog eens bestudeerd in het internet cafe hier. Zulke mooie foto's als jullie hebben we (nog niet?) kunnen maken. Ook mooi dat plaatje van je oranje moeder, Jaap! Geniet van de stroopwafels en kaas! Skypen lukt voorlopig nog niet.