Friday, July 2, 2010

Ginowan Marina, Okinawa

Alishan found herself a possy in Ginowan Marina in Okinawa.
26 degree 16.6N
127 degree 43.7E
It's the 3rd time for us to make a stop in Okinawa..and yes we do have friends living here. Great to catch up again.
We made the 25 mile jump from Kerama just in time as it has been Thunder & Lightning, Windy and Raining ever since we are here. The Marina is said to be a typhoon safe place...Well, we hope not to test it ourselves. But it is a peace of mind idea as Jaap will fly to Holland for a few weeks. Marijke and The Gang of Nori and Wakame will stay with Alishan.
Now, Marijke has a few things on her To Do List. One of them is a new Q report for the Homepage. The pictures are more or less ready to be stay tuned.


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  1. Ahoy sailors,

    That was quite afew year back eh?

    I was looking for info on Okinawa marinas and the google search turn up this page on your site. I found you have done alot in Japan and that you put on great information.

    We are planning to bring Calliste to Okinawa in late May/early June next year. We still have some work to do before shes ready to go.

    What are your plans and why Fukuoka? I stay in Sendai for most of 1998 and I enjoyed my work and stay there very much. Happy to read that you enjoy Japan too.