Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunny Sandy Subic Stories

Alishan is still hanging onto one of the pontoons at Subic Bay Marina.
Hmm, have seen better places but it will do for now until departure... probably our ETD is the end of this week.
It's windy most days, wind that brings kilo's of sand/dust on the just cleaned decks. It's good we have the water hose standby. The garbage place still burns happily, grgrgr, so you understand we do have some motivation to leave this marina.
One of the reasons we are here is to do the paperwork to sail into Japanese waters. Japan Coast Guard are quiet strict ever since 9/11. Well that's done and we got the okay from the JCG. Funny: us having some sort of Dutch background, we got an extra warning not to bring that green/brown stuff people like to smoke or put in cake.... Can't see the connection, can you?
Daily we check several weather charts, our favorite is:
Socializing is a big thing here with old and new cruising friends around us: Vahalla, Lotus, Tweed, Dagon, Quiver, Acanito, Lightfoot, Phoenix, Bannister, ....


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