Thursday, April 15, 2010

hey, psssst...... from Subic

Yes pssst, there are some new pix and stories at Q1 report 2010 part 1,2,3
Mind you, all is still a bit under construction....

What else?
Well, Alishan is shining here in the marina: Hull, stainless steel and deck got a good rub and wax. Some teak deck repair was also done.
And once the HP is finished...?? more time to play??
Marijke has been birding a little around while Jaap refound his running shoes;-)) TJeee, did those shoes became slow!
The weather is still +++ windy from the E, bringing us hot and very dusty air. A not so healthy fact is that they are also burning off the garbage..just upwind from us.
Oh yes, we met up with a boat we looked at when we were living in Japan and dreaming about something bigger than Jan Haring. (2003) At that time that boat turned out to be a No-No for us...(and still is: bad condition) and that was lucky for us because only 3 weeks later we found Alishan!!
So that some from here, don't forget to tell us what you think about the new HP updates.....

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