Sunday, November 29, 2009

Stopped by the power lines

Alishan dropped anchor at
5 degree 30.5N
118 degree 17.3E
We can't go further as there are power lines across the river just too risky low for Alishan's mast.
Maybe we could, but as it is the eve of the rainy season...water levels could rise quiet a bit..and so we could be trapped.
Anyway, from here we gonna do some dinghy trips and/or even hire a local boat to show us around.
The other day we met Ikki Matsuda ( we were able to use our rattling Japanese a bit). He is doing research on the proboscis monkeys. Great to hear all his "inside" info 'bout these amazing animals. Yesterday we were invited to join him on a small field trip: And he knows were to find the proboscis monkeys!
The town, ahum, here is called Sukau. It's booming ever since the government tar-sealed the road to/from Sandakan 2 years ago and so daily loads of fresh tourists come here to see the Kinabatanga River and wildlife. Good and bad of course, but it's work for the locals.

Looks like we will be here for a few days, the Internet is very slow but we'll try to upload some more pictures.


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