Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Alishan on the River Fly

And you think all we have is Fun?
Come and join us with the 3754 alive and 268 dead flies that hang around (inside and outside) Alishan.
These flies might have to do with the upcoming Rainy Season.
Oh yes already biggg rains way-way inland..that brings huge trees down the river..jamming Alshan's anchor chain...especially at night of course.
And of course here above doesn't rain...Our water tanks are almost empty...But it gives me a chance to varnish the toe rail!
5 degree 33.3N
118 degree 20.1E
At Google Earth you can see a small side river... Lots and lots of wildlife. To mention a few: Pigtail and Probiscus monkeys, Stork billed kingfishers (sooo pretty), Oriental Darters, Monitor lizards....
Poor Nori and Wakame are not having much fun..with all those flies and scary jungle sounds.


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