Monday, September 14, 2009


Alishan is at anchor in front of the Royal Brunei Yacht Club.
A veryvery cruiser friendly yacht club. TOP indeed.
5 degree 00 N
115 degree 04 E
We can use the club facilities for free ( clubhouse, Internet, swimming pool, showers, washing machine, just THE things a cruiser needs now and then) and they are all keen to help us with whatever.
Last Sunday together with Ellen and Jits from sy Silent Wish we took the bus into town. It all looks a bit like a Baby Singapore.
Well maintained, clean and many signs. Found a good shopping center and scored some bits and pieces for boat and crew.
Probably 1 more trip to town is on the list to play the tourist (on Sunday many things were closed) and then around the weekend make a move for Labuan, a Malaysian island about 30 miles from here.


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