Thursday, September 10, 2009

Brunei Ahoy

Alishan is in Brunei.
4 degree 57N
114 degree 49E
Hmm, this harbor..So big, clean and comfy! They should built them every 30 miles along the coast. See Google Earth.
BUT we can't go ashore! As this harbor is Royal and the grounds are off limit.
Mind you we still have to check-in as well..That's what we will do that after our next trip today, about 30 miles to go to the main port of Brunei.
Indeed that last weather picture turned out to be a little worse than Not-Too-Bad. It gave us a lot of wind, big seas. heaps of rain and worse of all: A Fat Cold. So we stayed put in Miri Marina and slowed down for a few days. Unfortunately the sand flies weren't effected by he weather and made "live" more scratchy.
All in all we had a very good time in Miri with old and new friends. Marijke with birding buddy Steve and Yap with the HHH group. And of course Nori and Wakame enjoyed their pontoon runs;-))
Now we are looking forward what Brunei will bring us.


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