Thursday, August 6, 2009

Moored at Miri Marina

2 days ago, the Rajang River Gang of sy Alk, sy Silent Wish and sy Alishan took up a marina box at Miri marina.
Wow, now Beatrix would be proud: There are at present 5 Red White and Blue flags flying in this "Shell Town" marina.

Hmm, the pontoons are okay, but too bad that they haven't installed any showers or toilets.
Hey boss, aren't we somehow paying for that?
Miri town is a 20 minute walk/1 RM bus ride away. So far we've been there once, just to do and get some basics!

Before Miri, we spent 1 night at Bintullu Port...for sure a place you can give a miss! No more said.
These days the people of Borneo are busy burning the bush, (guess why), so if the wind doesn't blow from the South China Sea,......... You can imagine how "hazy" it here is.
It's hard work going for a run, even at 6 am. But by afternoon the sea breeze is pumping a good 15~20 knots, haze is getting less AND it becomes a bit cooler...CAn you believe that?
We think we will stay here for a few weeks: enough boat projects to be done ( the anchor chain is already at the galvanizing shop) and we also would like to fly somewhere Into The Heart Of Borneo. (BTW that's a great book!).
AND.... Nori and Wakame are happy to do some "boat shopping".


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