Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Miri HHH

There are indeed a few things you should try once in your life.
For us , yesterday was The Day to join the Famous Miri Hash House Harriers for their weekly Run.
JUNGLE RUN i should say.
Okayokay, we know what it takes to do a (half) marathon, but this.....
Up and down steep!! jungle hills, crossing muddy streams, fighting nasty under growth.
Temperature and humidity sky high.
Luckily (guess why) we were not in the lead, so it was not too much trouble finding the trail.
Did we see any of the scenery? Don't think so!
After more than an hour we got out of the jungle, veryvery tired, dirty, scratched and bruised.
Thanks Wim for taking us along!

Fun it was indeed, so it looks like we'll take part a few more times while we are here.
Hmm, but next time we'll wear our old running gear.


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