Thursday, July 9, 2009

Santubong Update

Did we have a nice day when Caroline & family and Jan & family took us out into the Kuching wopwops.
The main goal was a traditional LONGHOUSE. And indeed it was traditional. No tourist do come out so far into the jungle. But Jan and Caroline have special links with this longhouse. Of course Marijke took great pictures...I'll try to get some soon.
And yes it was close to the border with our telephones said: Welcome to Indonesia.

On the way home we also stopped at a "commercial" longhouse ( we had to pay an entree fee to see the place..and hence empty beer cans left and right...)

This week we also went to see the Urang Utan Rehab Center. A MUST if you are in Kuching. These boys and girls are so comfy up there in the trees...
And we did the Kuching Cat Museum. A MUST if you have Nori and Wakame.

Now it is Friday, day 1 of the Rainforest Music Festival. We might end-up there for a few hours...


PS the Q1 update is still at the printer. Stories are done and a few pictures are uploaded. The Internet connection works by times okay and suddenly...poooffff..grgrgr

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