Sunday, July 19, 2009

Rajang River Relaxing

Alishan left Santubong last week, stayed 2 nights at Lakei Island (nice place, could have stayed longer!) and made an uneventful trip across to the Rajang River. Well, not really uneventful as we had a great sail for a few hours! As soon as we entered the river we dropped the anchor.
Yes as we are buddy boating with sy Silent Wish with crew Ellen and Jits. Good fun indeed.
Now we are at the small town Sarikei, and what a charm it is. Mostly thanks to the people!
2 degree 08.0N
111 degree 30.8E
AND yes here we also have a super Internet connection so...we were able to do the final touch .. But OF COURSE you already have noticed it: Q2 report 2009 NEW
This small fleet will motor further up the river some time this week.

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