Saturday, May 9, 2009

Port Klang

For a moment we thought all jobs were done!
The toilet pump played up. Grgrgrgr.
Oops, jaap had to go over the side in that horrible Penang Marina Water...
And no, the water-intake was clear. And yes, the impeller of the pump did have a bit of junk in it.
About the size of a peanut, but it took me the whole day to take the pump apart and assemble it again. Who says cruising is fun!

Marijke didn't feel too well that day, so she benefited from a lazy recovery day.

The trip from Penang to Klang went well. Even had a few hours of good wind so we could sail. No rain or thunder, only blue skies and full moons.

Now at anchor at: 03 degree 01.33 N
101 degree 20.31 E

Soon heading for Port Dickson.


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