Saturday, May 23, 2009

Just Play, No Pay at Danga Bay

Alishan took up a slip at Danga Bay Marina, Johor Baru.
1 degree 28.4N
103 degree 43.3E

It's a brand new place and to promote the marina, us yachties can use a slip for free for the time being.
Unbelievable, also the water and power we use is for free.
And even the odd visit by one of the local shore rats is free of charge!
Our neighbors already plucked a couple of those nasty creatures from the cabin floor ( once the fellow got stuck to the rat-trap-glue). Brrrr.
Anyway we feel on the safe side with Nori and Wakame on standby ;-))

Yesterday we took the bus into Singapore, so easy to do from here. From the boat to downtown S took less than 1and a half hour. The radar got dropped off at the service shop place as again it is Furonot-so-good. Sim Lim Tower and Sim Lim Square were visited for odd bits and pieces on our shopping list.

Probably Alishan will be here for a week or so. Hope to make a few more fun trips into Slingapore.

Salute for now.

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