Monday, October 27, 2008

Radio report Telaga

Ahoy out there,
Alishan did make it all the way ( 5 miles) across from Rebak to Telaga. Our position for google earth is:
LATITUDE: 06-21.74N
LONGITUDE: 099-40.78E
We had a few days of very nasty weather, roly poly here at the anchorage and buckets-and-buckets of rain.
Since yesterday things are clearing and the solar panels are pumping again. What a different world.
The alternator of the generator decided to freeze up..resulting in a smoking V-belt....Blah what a mess. The local china man in the altenator machine shop had the problem fixed in less than 2 hours...and now the thingy sits tight and snug again with a new belt!
No dull moments for us: Last night we went for a night walk and saw a lot of lemurs ( flying monkeys). Marijke is shooting left and right... nice pictures are on the way.
Salute for now, return to

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