Thursday, October 16, 2008

Radio report from Rebak, Langkawi

October 16th.
The Pit Stop Boat Jobs are done! Okay okay it took at least a week longer than planned...Noel from the marina shop had ordered the wrong bits and pieces...;-(
But we like this place, you don't hear us complaining too loud.
Jaap doing the odd miles on running shoes, Marijke with her camera and both enjoying the morning Pilattes exercise class. Very Social for us cruisers here.
Oh yes, Nori and Wakame of course are having a ball of a time with the monitor lizards and sea otters.
It looks like the NE monsoon is kicking the SW monsoon, the better cruising weather should be here any time now...and so Alishan will go into the cruising mode again. First exploring more Holes and Bays here in/around Langkawi. Then early November : Penang here we come ! as we do get VISITORS!!
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