Sunday, May 6, 2018

April Happenings II

April is migrating season.
For birds and boats.
Fukuoka was temporary landing spot for 
out of San Francisco.
On board Kathy and John.

Selena 53, very similar to Shogun.

Happy we could help them out with loading fuel.
A whooping 3300 liter diesel.
And a shopping trip to Costco ;-)

Sakura blooming was over, but nothing to worry, 
other trees and plants kept us in-the-clouds with their flowers and smells.

This year the tsutsuji, aka azalia, was stunning.

Noriko san tries to blend in.

And as of April, 
Airbnb Experiences are promoting my hiking event in Imajuku.

Click HERE for more.

Good fun, good fun.
So far with hikers joining me from
The Philippines,
Hong Kong,

Care for a hike in Fukuoka?


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