Sunday, December 31, 2017

Nori our Cat says: Bring it on...Year of the Dog.

A very Happy New Year 

Picture Marijke.

Nori our Cat.
Going niau-niau strong, now 15 years old.
Bring it on...Year of the Dog.

As usual, the New Year got an On the Run start 
doing the 3 temples. 

See here some pictures.

Atago Jinja.
See that big dog there on the right...?
Oops, i was a bit late (7 AM) or the other people were early this year. 
Had to stand in line for 45 minutes.
But no problem, always somebody around to talk to.
hmmm, taking  those Japanese lessons might help indeed :-)

Sumiyoshi Jinja here in Meinohama.
Home of the 3 January Tamasesseri festival. 

See the white sheet behind the red fence...

 Coins and paper money casted there since midnight AM.
Donations for the jinja and....
for our own Good Luck of course.
Luff this.

And then jinji # 3
 Ododai Jinja.
Yearly tradition to meet-up with friend Kawaoka san.

Back at Meinohama Port.
Where our fishermen fly their boat flags proudly to celebrate the New Year.

And so does ALISHAN.


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