Sunday, October 1, 2017

And What's Up in Fukuoka?

Some photo-moments to share with you about 
What's Up in Fukuoka.

 Elementary School with a nice view.  
Every Tuesday, you can find me on the 4th floor.
Helping the kids with their ABC learning. Good fun and a pleasure to be at this ! school as... 
.....those mountains in the distance are my hiking grounds ;-)

Full Moon as seen from the cockpit of Alishan.
Did you say Magic?
Too bad that night has an early go-to-sleep....
As next day, 3 AM, it is getting ready for my other J.O.B.

Off to an other other-J.O.B. day, on board of Sumie Maru.
Again Magic, the sunrise over Fukuoka.


Exciting to be out at sea....

 Then the following morning, 3 AM,  our catch from the previous day ends up on the big fish market in Fukuoka.

NO, this ain't our catch,  just showing off :-)

 138 as in Kilo.

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