Sunday, October 1, 2017

And What's Up in Fukuoka?

Some photo-moments to share with you about 
What's Up in Fukuoka.

 Elementary School with a nice view.  
Every Tuesday, you can find me on the 4th floor.
Helping the kids with their ABC learning. Good fun and a pleasure to be at this ! school as... 
.....those mountains in the distance are my hiking grounds ;-)

Full Moon as seen from the cockpit of Alishan.
Did you say Magic?
Too bad that night has an early go-to-sleep....
As next day, 3 AM, it is getting ready for my other J.O.B.

Off to an other other-J.O.B. day, on board of Sumie Maru.
Again Magic, the sunrise over Fukuoka.


Exciting to be out at sea....

 Then the following morning, 3 AM,  our catch from the previous day ends up on the big fish market in Fukuoka.

NO, this ain't our catch,  just showing off :-)

 138 as in Kilo.

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  1. Oh wow, I was talking to a gal today at Freshness Burger in Tenjin about where a fish market in Fukuoka is... she said the nearest one was in Kitakyushu... I asked if there are smaller ones, perhaps she didn't know. Where was this one located?

    1. This market is located right down town Fukuoka. You can find it on Google Maps. There is a smaller market what is more access able in Meinohama....but there you won't find any big tuna or mambo etc.