Thursday, September 21, 2017

What's up with Alishan?

So What's up with Alishan?

We got a surprise visit by long time cruising friends Uli and Molly.
First time we met Uli was when we both were sailing around in the South Pacific.
Talking 1986 now ;-)

First thing we did here in Fukuoka...Hit the Sushi-wheel!

 Then, a new boat arrived at Odo Yachtharbor,
 the marina around the corner from us.

with on board owner Dave and crew Mathew.
Both flew out more or less the next day, leaving
RESOLUTION to stay here for a few months and to keep me busy.

What else?

So often people wonder how we can live on such a small boat like ALISHAN
Well, this is how we do it....

 Boat Sweet Home.

Of course, with Master Mariner Nori.
He is in charge and stays in charge of things on board.
(even right now, i have to struggle to keep him off the keyboard...)

Still proud of having cruised SE Asia, 
including the 2 months trip up the Kinabatanga River, Borneo.
Great elephant spotter, he is.

The boy is 15 years old now...
and showing off his missing right upper fang.

Oops...what was that...?

Nope, just a seagull.
All is well. 
Time for an other snooze. 
Always time for a snooze these days.

Miau &

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