Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Best time of the Year

Yes, to me:
is the Best time of the Year.
(please ignore the date of publishing this posting ;-)

Days are getting longer & warmer. 
All around us flowers, blossom and fresh green are making me happy.

And of course, it's great weather for Hikes and Bikes 
in and around Fukuoka and beyond.

The following are some pictures taken during a local hike, 
only a 30 minutes bicycle ride from Alishan.

At the top of Kanondake, Imajuku. 

Next, some pictures taken during a Fun Run 
into the country side @ Itoshima.

 Always happy to see Fuji in Bloom.

An other pleasing thing to see.....

Rice planting!  
 May is in full swing.

Always good to have friends of friends.
This is Mr Shinkai san. 
His hobby is making soba.
One day, we = the friends, ran all the way (25K) 
to be fed @ his house in Itoshima  .
Did you hear any complains?

And While On the Run 
at our local small forest, we found these 'wild strawberries".
For a week, we came home every day with a nice portion to be mixed with our yogurt.


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