Thursday, January 26, 2017

January Blues

January Blues.

An other chilly season with sadly no skiing days on our calendar.
So, as soon as we see some white fluffy stuff on the hills around Fukuoka...
....we are off to create  a Little Winter Holiday Feeling.

 Raizan Waterfall, 
a cool place we like to visit summer and winter.

Of course the Nikon came out and Marijke was able to make some amazing pictures.

This year's first plum blossom.

Shiraito Waterfall, in Itoshima.

There is always something "new" to discover.

A map showing Itoshima area, just to the west of Fukuoka City.

And one week later, it was time to hike Mt Iimori.
It's only a 30 minute bicycle ride from our place 
and an easy 1 hour stroll to the top.

Perfect but brbrbr crisp weather.

Iimori Jinja is at the base of the mountain.
This temple has a strong link to horse riding & archery.
Every year on 3 January a big festival is held, but as that is the same day as our Meinohama Tamasesseri, we have never seen it.

  And of course, on 3 February it is: Setsubun.
A festival to celebrate is THE day before Spring starts ..... 

Make sure, you enter Fuku chan's mouth.
Good things will follow.

More on Setsubun, 
read HERE


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