Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Shogun is on its way to Japan.

Report from Setubal, 

Shogun got loaded onto the deck
 of mv Heemskerkgracht 
(Shipping company Sevenstar).
And will arrive in a few weeks time in Yokohama, Japan.

Awaiting the Waiting.
Unfortunatly the heemskerkgracht got delayed by over 1 week.
But...first at Lisbon and later at Setubal (Troia Marina),
those are comfy places to "fill in" time.

  AIS proof of upcoming arrival of the Heemskerkgracht.

Shogun is located in the middle of this screen-shot.
Heemskerkgracht is steaming into the bay...see her AIS left-bottom corner.

Yep,  looks like there is a parking spot open for SHOGUN.

  Getting the rig ready.
Luckily the weather is perfect and there is 
zero wave/swell action in the bay.

  The Dive-team gets instructions.
They had to wait for slack-tide what would be around 1700 local time.

 Ouch...that beam was just not clear of the anchor-light and weather/wind sensor.

 Due to miscalculations of the location of the lifting points @ the hoist in relation to sling locations @ SHOGUN...
she was not "sitting" comfy during the first lift-attempt. relocate those lifting points...would take too much time & so, the slings under water would have to be re-checked...
Oops.. by then the tide would be screaming again!

Hence it was decided to call it a day 
and finish the lifting at next DAYLIGHT slack time.
 SHOGUN stayed alongside the Heemskerkgracht for the night...all strapped-up with slings and tie-downs.

Luck was with us as we were able to join the ship's-crew for a Yummy Nasi Goreng dinner meal.
And a boat-workers breakfast next morning!!

No-Way the crew will allow SHOGUN to make a move while on the deck.

Sitting high and dry at first row seat.

Bon Voyage SHOGUN 
See you at Yokohama.

To go to the video, 
click  HERE


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  1. Bon voyage. What a shame you don't get to sail her back under her own steam. Do you get to sleep on Shogun for the voyage back?