Monday, October 3, 2016

Next @ sunny summer 2016: Wageningen

With the logistics from Hessel, Herman  
and the NS, Holland's railway-puzzle-company,
we made an other Move during our Summer 2016 trip: Staphoorst to Wageningen.

So why Wageningen?
Main is of course to visit brother Herman and sister Judith.
And after all, it's the Marijke's hometown!

... this is the house where Marijke spent her childhood years. 

Talking about childhood..

May we introduce you to our great-nephew BRAM.
New born to Melissa (Marijke's niece) and Bas.

Well..who's a happy aunty?

Wageningen is world famous for its Agriculture University.
Of course most of the studying is indoors but there is enough field-work.
This sign could be read as:
 Hiking-trail " has to be done " on wooden clogs.

Image result for wooden clogs

Special early morning moment.

Bird-watching to the left 
(note the porto-loo for the students)

....deer is running around to your right.

It's good to see and smell the country-side.

One charm of Wageningen: Location along the River Rhine.

Maybe just riding this ferry many many years ago started the dream to travel the world by yacht.

Bicycle, camera, memories, the odd bird, great scenery...
Marijke is happy.

This ferry uses a swing system.

 Typical dutch scenery: The land between the dikes and the river.
When the water-level of the river rises due to heavy rain or melting snow..these grounds will be swamped.

Ta-ta-ta: Wageningen's own yacht harbour.

And see here the port of Wageningen, 
where we once stayed for the night with Jan Haring. 

 Pretty the front...

...same building at the rear.

An other visit was made to Arnhem (next door town) 
to our friend's house where we had rented the attic
when we first started living together.
It was home for us from 1979-1984... 
exciting years before our trip on board of Jan Haring.

So happy to meet up again with Ben and Lucy.
They saw us grow up, build a boat, get married
and see-us-sail-off into the sunset.
(in some sort of order).

Indeed Happy Memory Moments and More.
Greetings from Wageningen.


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