Sunday, September 11, 2016

A delivery to Hiroshima

Owner Jens of catamaran ESCAPADE 
asked me to come along for a ride from Fukuoka to Hiroshima.

As only a few days ago a typhoon had passed Kyushu
 and hence the sails had been removed from the boat for safety reasons
 and as weather forecast was for zero to little wind... could be a motoring trip.
No worries...being on the water is the Goal.
Under sail or motoring.

It became a quick trip.
Quick and Hot as there was indeed no wind to cool us down with this blazing sun.
We had left Fukuoka at 3 PM, got over the top of Kyushu
 by 9 pm and anchored for the night just to the east, north shore, of the 
Kanmon Kaikyo.

The bridge at Murotsu.
Jens had to do some internet search to find out the height of the bridge and length of the mast... 

No worries...
but it looked a close call.

An other bridge, by now Jens got confident.

Sunset near Iwakuni on day 2.

Escapade anchored for the second night right in front of the famous tori at Miyajima.
Too bad the light was not opt for a good picture.


sy ESCAPADE in Kanon Marina, Hiroshima.

A banner/poster at Kanon Marina...

...showing a picture taken of the 3 Nordhavns that visited Hiroshima in 2010.
All of them we had seen in Miyakoshima when we cruised down there,
and One of them, mv Sans Souci, we met again in 2015 in Monaco!!



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