Sunday, October 18, 2015

So....What is NEW at Alishan on the Move?


Please meet SHOGUN
Nordhavn 60, hull 55

Mr Mitsuda, the owner of Fu Kyo the Catamaran,
decided to upgrade and to take me along.
Yes I'm on board in Imperia, Italy as that's where SHOGUN  at the moment is moored.

That's Imperia in the background.
From now on, this blog will also feature 
SHOGUN on the Move adventures.
Nope, not all the time, as there will be a lot of flying back to Japan involved. Yeah.
Marijke, Cats, Alishan and friends: I miss you!

The plan is to take SHOGUN across some waters 
heading towards the Pacific. 
At a slow pace.

If you are on FB, please look for the page
(and like it..)

For now,

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