Wednesday, September 17, 2014

a Picture Posting

These days a lot of my time is spent on board of Fu Kyo.
That's good...but i miss the mountain outings...

See here a couple of pictures taken from the GoPro videos.

An overnight-er at Odo Yacht harbor, being chartered  for the World SNIPE Masters 2014

A trip on board of Fu Kyo is becoming a top-hit for the KLM crew here in Fukuoka.
Well, we too luff it....
as we can talk 80 miles an hour in Dutch of course.

Fu Kyo's customers are enjoying a nice sea breeze, 
comfy sunshine and 
Fukuoka Sky-line. 
Spiced up with some of our Salty Sea Stories.

Yes, we have done it,
at last..
Our Selfie!


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