Friday, August 15, 2014

An other pretty day on and around Mt Kuju Land.

....peeppeep peeppeep....

the alarm makes oodles of noice at 02:00 and by
03:00 we are all packed-up inside Esther the Car 
and zoeffing over semi deserted roads towards Mt Kuju,
 in the heart of Kyushu.

Just after sunrise we arrive at Chojabaru and here we split-up,
.....after a chu-chu of course..... :
Marijke with her Nikon and 
me with my GoPro and Montrail shoes. 

Click on the link: A Day at Mt Kuju area

or just see it here.

And yes, it was an other Amazing Day,
only a few hours away from the boat and the sea but
 it felt like a long vacation. 
The weather wasn't super (i got rained off the mountain as can be seen in the tube) but thanks to the strong-ish wind we had plenty of clear skies as well.
 Luff the Clouds.
That day i spotted a rainbow at 5 different locations.
Who's Lucky?

Regarding the video: it turns out that transferring the 
"real" to YouTube does something to the quality. 
Still have to find out what the best settings are.


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