Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Snow and Hikes

This winter was a White Winter.
Very little snow fell on the deck of Alishan, 
but plenty of it ended up on our Trail and Hike routes.

A wonderful December day, and our luck was: 
To be the first ones to the top of Mt Raizan.

This snow lot lasted only for 1 week.
I think that's just perfect.

A lot of hiking cq trail running was done as prep for 
Lantau 50 Trail Run (see later report).
Of course the fun is doing it together with friends...
and taking a rest-stop at the peak.

A Bird Watching hike with Marijke at Aburayama just to the  south of our city .
This too is winter in Fukuoka.... 
the picture was taken on January 2.

....and 2 weeks later,....the waterfall got frozen solid...

Rush hour @ taking groups pictures in front of the Frozen Waterfall.
The next group can come forward but has to duck!! 

And an other perfect hike with Drew,
the Man from Oz, where snowy hills are far and few.

It was indeed walking around in a Magic World.

It doesn't stop: A week later, a long trail run, starting more or less at sea level, where No White is found..

.....just Climb some Stairs...

....And Run theTrail...
Not showing: It was Cold!

....but Pretty neh...

That day, the air was clean and clear.


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